I like to chat with a sexy mom aboutsex

Something that I'd never do, I still enjoy masturbating while imagining the incestuous, sexual fantasy. Then, she encouraged me to continue massaging her feet by her obvious enjoyment of my foot massages.

"Oh, Paul, you make Mommy feel so good by massaging her feet. It gets me horny when I think about calling her Mommy, while masturbating over the naked image of her. For sure, she has enough shoes to have a shoe fetish.

Every time she moans like that, I imagine having sex with her.

Later, alone in my room, I've even masturbated to the sounds of her moaning, while imagining that I was fucking my Mom. I started massaging her feet as a way to maneuver her legs, spread them apart more, so that I can see her panties.

Yet, maybe because she doesn't have a man in her life, other than me, during the period in her life that she's the most hormonally sexual, I think she's overcompensating for her sexual frustration by trying to recycle the planet. It doesn't take much to get me going, just a hug, especially when she's in her nightgown and wearing nothing underneath and I'm in my pajama bottoms without underwear.

Overloaded with testosterone, it's just a hormonal thing more than it is an incestuous thing but, just the feel of her breasts pressed against me, while hugging me, is enough to give me an erection.

I would have liked to have met him and to know something about him that relates to me, who I am and why I am.Because our town celebrates Earth Day, this is the time of year that my Mom makes her big push to surpass how many bottles and cans she collected in previous years.Competing in track and swimming in high school, her competitiveness manifests itself in her Earth Day recycling spirit.When I think more about it, the only thing separating my cock from her pussy is the thin cotton fabric of my pajama bottom and her nightgown, Always horny and walking around with an erection, I'm easily aroused.Just as she's at the period in her life where she's the most hormonally sexual, I am, too.

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